Rafi Jacoby

Technology Director, Social

As an engineer, I always think there must be new and better ways to solve a problem. I like to work end-to-end — building servers, designing databases, working with asynchronous queues, and creating dynamic HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript URLs. I’ve been working with the major social platform APIs since they became available, and am a co-author of Koala, the leading Ruby Gem for Facebook’s Open Graph. I’m very much a practicing geek — if you ask me if something can be done, I’ll likely throw together a Sinatra app to do some testing. I even wrote this biography using Vim.

Before joining Razorfish, I was director of engineering at Context Optional, where I guided the development of a leading social monitoring and publishing platform, architected custom applications, oversaw operations and built highly scalable infrastructure and statistics components. I grew the business using cloud deployment services, and presented on the experience at GigaOM Structure, where I conducted seminars for Oracle/MySQL and Joyent, and was interviewed in Cloudbook magazine. My prior experience includes experimental embedded consumer device work at Sun Microsystems Laboratories, mobile telephony infrastructure and several digital music services.

At Razorfish, I work with our offices and clients across the country (and sometimes, the world) to help guide conception and implementation of projects that integrate with social networks. I’ve worked on custom applications, mobile-social crossovers, site-wide Open Graph implementations and Twitter hooks. I also track platform changes and evangelize new developments.

As a recent transplant to Chicago after 13 years in San Francisco, I was able to cruise through a light winter this year thanks in part to the fact that you can order a snow blower on Amazon and it’ll arrive at your house in just two days. You could say that I even use the Web to help plow my driveway.