Martin Jacobs

Group VP, Technology

Growing up in the Netherlands, I always enjoyed math, solving puzzles and programming on my Sinclair ZX81 with its 1k of memory. Getting a Masters in computer science was a logical next step. I started my career as a researcher at KPN in the Netherlands, and then moved to South Africa to work as a programmer for a large utility company called Eskom. I came to the U.S. in 1996, where I joined i-Cube, a Boston-based company doing 3-tier application development that was later acquired by Razorfish. Since then, I’ve led many different projects for Razorfish, as an architect and technical lead in various locations, before landing in my current role as group vice president of the technology team in the central region.

In some ways, my work is just a continuation of my hobbies since I still get to solve complex puzzles every day. At Razorfish, we’re always looking for the most innovative solutions to meet our clients’ needs. From doing one of the first Java/ATG implementations for a startup in the early days, to Amazon and Rackspace cloud deployments for our clients, the opportunities for innovation are endless. Questioning common practices is crucial for me. In the programming world, it’s always easy and tempting to follow the norm, copying other people’s ideas. But I try to think creatively, and working with people who introduce different approaches is very refreshing — and always makes the final product better.

In my spare time, I enjoy being active. My two boys keep me busy, but I also try to play soccer, run, or ride my bicycle every weekend, and I follow the European soccer leagues very closely.