John Cunningham

CTO, Europe

My whole life has been digital. The moment I saw the first ad for a Sinclair ZX81 personal computer in the Sunday newspaper — it was March 1981 and I was 11 years old — I knew I had to have it. Seeing that ad changed my life, and saving up and buying one elevated me to God-like status amongst other 11- and 12-year-olds. From then on, my life has been a constant battle between drawing and being creative (death stars don’t build themselves, you know), and technology (ever strapped a ZX81 to a bigfoot, programmed to find its way around a maze?).

This vortex of creative and technology enabled me to take a long-term view and earn a degree in electronic design, which encompasses both UX and technology to create experiences in both the digital and physical worlds.

I joined Razorfish in 2002. Today, I work across all U.K. clients, including AstraZeneca, McDonald’s, Audi, Lloyds TSB, FT, O2 and Amnesty International. I work globally to enhance our service management, Open Digital Services (ODS) and cloud practices.

Before Razorfish, I was the joint creative and technical director at Pixelpark UK, where I worked with Lloyds TSB, Universal Music, Vizzavi, BT Openworld, Gruner + Jahr, Pearson, CompuServe, Yahoo! UK & Ireland, Associated News & Media Group and Bertelsmann.

As for my hobbies (or “fixations” as my wife describes them), they include spending far too much time nursing old classic cars back to life, art (that people can’t work out if it’s up or down) and the odd watch (again, the fixation comment).