Jeremy Lockhorn

VP, Emerging Media

Between my title and my Twitter handle (@newmediageek), it’s pretty easy to guess what I do. It’s a bit of a dream job sometimes — I monitor trends, meet with fascinating media technology developers, and help our teams and our clients see, plan for and adapt to the future of media. And yet, as I heard a young entrepreneur once say, “Innovation is not a clean sport.” Truer words were never spoken. Media innovation can be messy, ugly, and laced with equal parts risk and uncertainty. But it’s also incredibly rewarding, both for me personally, and for clients that get it right and enjoy the massive returns.

I’ve been at Razorfish for most of my career, since joining an agency startup called i-Frontier in 1997. Working out of a spare bedroom in founder Brad Aronson’s condo was a unique experienc — as was the opportunity to get involved in nearly every side of the agency business as we grew from the two of us, to over 100 people before we were acquired by Avenue A and ultimately became Razorfish.

Making the move from Philadelphia to Seattle has been yet another adventure, and I’ve since embraced the outdoor nature of the Pacific Northwest. When I’m not at work, you might find me hiking, skiing or camping. In fact, I sort of aspire to retire as a ski bum. Music is my other passion, and I just hope that all these years of pounding on the laptop keyboard doesn’t give my guitar fingers too much trouble.