Cory Cruser

Director, Consumer Insights

Once upon a time, I studied the performing arts, where it was drilled into my head that, “All the World’s a Stage.” Since that time, I’ve played as many roles as humanly possible, from researcher to insights architect, change management operative to UX strategist. These roles have earned me the professional title: Swiss Army Knife. Whether that’s because I’m a universal tool that can be used in any situation to achieve great results, or a secondary tool to use when you don’t have the tool you really want/need, remains to be seen.

Since my days on the stage, I realized that consumers, like characters in a play, are built the same; they have an objective, they are confronted by obstacles, and they take action to overcome those obstacles and ultimately try to realize their original goal. I’ve spent the greater part of my professional career exploring the intersection of customer and business. I try to help organizations understand the cast of characters that comprise their current, future and lost customers by bridging the gaps between back-office infrastructure, front-office marketing/finance and consumer behavior. In business speak, I’m a trusted advisor to clients in multiple industries, and I thrive on answering challenging questions by leveraging mixed-method research approaches, integrating seemingly disparate data and developing executable strategies that deliver tangible ROI.

At the end of the day, I’m simply mad about the customer. When a client speaks in the language of the customer, or when my clients and internal teams can reference the customer journey when they are architecting, building and designing their customer experiences — I call that success.

Oh yes, I didn’t just arrive at Razorfish. I went through the analytical thinking primers of Ernst & Young and Capgemini. I also earned my MBA at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where I concentrated on marketing and consumer behavior.